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Il était exclusivement réservé aux malvoyants. Grâce au soutien du Fonds Ingvar Kamprad, des consultations ainsi que des échanges parents-médecins, sans oublier les animations pour les plus petits, seront à nouveau au programme. Première responsable: une mauvaise hygiène.

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Moderne this spirit, we urge researchers to reflect upon the generic idea according to which these art market players are all the more powerful because they have a multinational presence, specifically various branches in several countries. The purpose of this conference, therefore, is to question this rule of thumb, according to which the leaders of the art market are also those who have been able to conquer foreign countries and who also own several branches of their business. The papers selected will preferably cover the period fromafter the disintegration of the Dutch East India Company, to the present day, and should take into account the following points. Are the actors with the highest turnover also those with the most significant prescribing power? How to integrate the consideration of a multinational presence or several branches in this definition and measurement? Who are the leaders in the art market? The criteria above can help identifying the main actors moderne the art market, whether for délicat arts, decorative arts, non-European artefacts, etc. These monographic approaches must be substantiated, ex-ante, by a more macroeconomic analysis, to justify why the analysed actor is a market leader. Are the leaders identified the ones with divers branches or with a presence moderne various countries, both temporary or permanent?


How can this statement be explored through contemporary medieval art history? The capital question of this thematic issue is whether and how objects are present, perceptible, and conceivable not only within, but also beyond the senses. This question addresses — in medieval experiences and representations — the imperfections of human perception, and the ordinary struggle to make sense of the realities of the world.

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I have concentrated my work on the idea of authorship, and in the near future when cognitive or artificial intelligence will curate, compile and find correlations over many research disciplines. This will be possible when research will gain open access. I think that we will see knowledge organized moderne new ways and in cross-disciplines. AI I have made a paraphrase personne the old saying which is The Pen is mightier than the Sword, that is central to my works proposed for this exhibition. The video is a mixture between documentary and a power-point presentation. In my works I often make archives, and work with several medias to make installations. Knowledge production, science-sociology and bio-politics are central in my artistic work. I look upon art as knowledge-production.

Rencontre avec Jean-Paul Marthoz, auteur de la publication « Les médias face au terrorisme »